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Selling to the Federal Government  Gtracts has one business goal–to help you succeed in selling to the government. Contracting with the Federal Government offers you a way to increase your business sales and revenues.  However it can also be a difficult market to penetrate. The new Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) are continually evolving.  This brings additional challenges for businesses wanting to sell to the government. Along with the traditional GSA Schedules, there is also a new Federal Acquisition Process being piloted. 

Selling to the Federal Government  While there are many challenges involved in contracting with the Federal Government, Gtracts can help you with both GSA Schedules and the new Federal Acquisition process. With 36 years of experience and a 97% success record with GSA Schedules, we know the Federal Acquisition process and what it takes to secure a government contract. Let us help you.

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Selling to the Federal Government

Selling to the Federal Government

Selling to the Federal Government

Managing Your GSA Contract

Getting Started with Federal Contracting

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