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Solutions for Selling to the Government


Is Government Contracting Right for My Business?

There are many questions involved in determining whether your business in right for government contracting.  We can help you with the answers. Click on the Question above and learn more about what’s involved in government contracting and GSA Schedules.


Government Market Assessment Snapshot

Should I Sell to the Government?

How do I sell to the government? Who do I talk with? How does the government buy? How can I maximize the contracts I already have? Who are my competitors and what agencies are buying from them? How do I advertise my business to the government?

Managing Your GSA Schedule Contract

We can provide any level of support

Good News…You were awarded your GSA Schedule Contract!! Now What? How do I make changes to my GSA contract? How do I comply with my GSA contract requirements? I have to report every quarter? What do I do if my price changes? How do I add products?

Government Contract Training

Better understand the government marketplace

Gtracts can assist your organization to better understand the government marketplace. We can offer you on-site customized training that will provide your organization the information you need to pursue and win in this market, and, within your training budget.

“Your offer almost looked to good to be true. I had to make sure it wasn’t a mistake….I have taken a look over your proposal and feel that your offering is excellent “as is”. I do not believe it will require any negotiations…thorough and complete.”
GSA Mid-Atlantic Region 3, Philadelphia, PA GSA Contract Specialist
“One of the best prepared proposal responses I’ve ever seen!”
GSA Northwest Region 10, Auburn, WA GSA Contract Officer
“You’re awesome!! You make my job easy!! Great Consultant…Thanks!!”
GSA Greater Southwest Region 7, Fort Worth, TX GSA Contract Officer