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A Message from Gtract’s President John Kilian

John KilianGovernment contacting offers you a wonderful way to increase your business sales and revenues. It can be a difficult market to understand and penetrate.  The process is layered with levels of government bureaucracy that makes it a challenge to compete in the government marketing place.

After 38+ years in the government contracting arena, I know the inside track to help our clients compete for government business in a cost-effective manner.  I have saved client thousands of dollars by providing cost effective strategies that expedite proposal reviews and approvals.

At Gtracts, we offer a unique blend of government procurement services that enables you to compete in the Federal, State and Local government marketplaces. We focus on developing GSA Federal Supply Schedule proposals for businesses like yours.  We offer expertise on the Federal Acquisition Procurement process.

Using our Gtracts approach, you can cut through the layers of federal contracting in a timely and effective manner.

With our headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, Minnesota businesses are prime clients for federal contracting. Our business extends far beyond Minnesota to support all companies that do not have the manpower or the expertise to tap into the lucrative government market. When you need an in-house resource to win valuable new business, Gtracts has the track record to help you succeed. Click here to see what clients are saying about their experiences with Gtracts.

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