Getting a GSA Schedule Contract

Getting a GSA Schedule Contract

Are you thinking, “Maybe I should pursue a GSA Schedule Contract to increase my government opportunities?”  You have heard this can be a great contracting tool for your business. Now you need more information before you commit to this business direction. What’s involved in getting a GSA Schedule Contract?  Here are some thoughts about the GSA Schedule Contract process:

Time Commitment

The GSA Schedule Contract proposal can take 100+ hours to complete.  You should allow a minimum of 6-12 months to complete the specific proposal submission and contract award process.


As a business, you will need to disclose your commercial practices and the associated terms and conditions.  You will need to explain who your commercial customers are, their pricing, discounts, special terms, and delivery times that they receive.  Two years of financial statements must be provided and Reseller/Distributors will need to obtain Letter of Supply from the Manufacturer. 


At least one employee from the company will need to complete the mandatory training courses, “Pathway to Success” and the “Readiness Assessment.” 


The company must ensure your products comply with the Free Trade Agreement Act (FTAA), and for businesses classified as a “Large Business”, a Subcontracting Plan will be required.  Most schedules also require at least three Past Performance/Reference projects that are active or completed within the last two years.

Federal Acquisition Procurement

The Federal government is now shifting towards Acquisition Gateways involving grouping products and services into contract categories.  The Federal buying managers will have a single place to cost comparison shop across all government agencies. They will be able to see the full range of the prices and contracts–including and beyond GSA Schedules-from which to make their purchases. We need to determine how your business area fits into this new Federal Acquisition Procurement process.


While the GSA Schedule Contract process takes time and requires a commitment of resources, it is important to understand the process, requirements, expectations of the business and the federal government.  Some companies choose to avoid the GSA Schedules Contracts because they do not take the time to research what it takes to succeed. With the red tape and other road blocks, they simply give up, reducing the amount of competition.   Less competition can be an advantage for your business.

We Can Help!

At Gtracts we can take you through the numerous steps of getting a GSA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract and the new Federal Acquisition Procurement process. Whether you need help writing the initial proposal, participating in fact-finding, contract negotiations, modifying an existing contract, or providing on-going contract administration, we can lead the effort by providing: 


  • Identify appropriate/applicable GSA Schedule solicitation, Acquisition Gateways and documentation
  • Complete all applicable registrations/verification/forms
  • Gather all supporting details to justify product/service offering
  • Prepare and submit complete and compliant GSA proposal package


  • Respond to GSA clarification questions and prepare counter proposals/offers.
  • Lead contract negotiations to assure your position is deemed “fair and reasonable” for both the government and YOU!
  • Prepare and submit your “Final Proposal Revision” leading to your GSA CONTRACT AWARD and GSA CONTRACT NUMBER!

What to do Next?

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