Government Marketing Assessment Snapshot

Government Marketing Assessment Snapshot

Government marketing…You understand the potential of the government market place.  However, you are not sure whether you can realize the full value with government selling.  Before you are ready to make a full commitment, here’s a great way to get started.  We offer a proven evaluation process called Government Marketing Assessment Snapshot“Marketing Assessment Snapshot”. With this market assessment process, you will receive in 30-45 days, INDEPENDENT AND OBJECTIVE information you need  to make an informative business decision about the merit of government contracting for your business.  Here is what you will receive with the Marketing Assessment Snapshot.

  • Assessment of your business’s ability to compete for government contracts
  • List of potential buyers, agency personnel, and key contacts to help you move forward
  • List of government contracting methods tailored for government entities
  • How your business fits into the Federal Acquisition Hallways
  • Research about your competitor’s government sales history
  • A plan that shows you the best tools for promoting your business through better website visibility, trade shows, and other key government events.

Our Government Marketing Assessment Snapshot is a critical step to understand the government market place. From this assessment you will learn whether it makes business sense for you to pursue government contracting and a GSA Schedule. If you move forward, you will already have completed an important component in the GSA Scheduling process.  You may also decide that government contracting is not right for your business based on the marketing testing you have done.

A Recent Testimonial for the Government Marketing Assessment Snapshot:

The Market Assessment Snapshot provided by Gtracts was valuable in identifying the government agencies and prime contractors, and it helped us re-create a business development plan that provided a more focused “roadmap” to grow our overall government sales. Well worth the investment! Williams Sound LLC, Vice President Marketing

What to Do Next?

To find out more information about how a Market Assessment Snapshot can benefit your business, call us today 952-226-3337, Toll Free at 877-312-0337 or simply click on the Get Started with Gtracts form below and complete the Contact Us Form. We will contact you to discus your business situation and how our Government Marketing Assessment Snapshot may be you best step moving forward with government contracting.

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