How to Select a GSA Consultant?

How to Select a GSA Consultant?

Becoming a GSA Schedule contract holder can be extremely profitable and a potential key revenue source for your government business.  If you’ve done your research and have made the business decision to pursue a GSA schedule contract, you are faced with the daunting task of developing and submitting a compliant/responsive proposal package. Do you tackle it yourself?  Or do you look to retain a “Trusted Ally” and engage a qualified GSA consultant?

What is a trusted ally?  How do you know which “consultant” is right for your project?  Which one truly knows the ins and out of government contracts, is reasonably priced, proven, and has your best interest in mind?  Choosing the right GSA  Consultant can make a huge difference with your GSA Schedule process.

When you are considering a GSA consultant, one of the things you need to do is check references.  What does the client list look like? What are people saying about the consultant’s work and attention to detail?  Were the deliverables thorough and complete? Was the consultant accessible to their clients? These are some of the questions to ask the GSA Consultant’s references.

At Gtracts, we take each of these questions very seriously.  However, do not take our word; take our customer’s word.  We are happy to provide a list of satisfied clients.

Once you have checked out a consultant’s referrals and heard from its clients, here are other key questions to ask:

Other Questions You Should Ask a GSA Consultant

Is the GSA Consultant Successful?

Consultants can make promises, but do they deliver?  Ask a prospective consultant for their success rate.  If that success rate is high ( 90+%; Gtracts’ is 97%), then you know you’ve got a skilled partner to help you navigate the GSA process.

Does the Consultant Back The Work?

Never engage a consultant without first knowing what services they will provide.  All financial terms of the agreement, and consultant deliverables should be clearly stated, along with the amount of a down payment.  A legitimate consultant will never bill an entire project in one sum!

Is the Price Right?

GSA consultant firms range from small shops to very large companies.  Each has its own pricing structure.  So what’s right for you?  Often, a large firm will charge more simply because of the staff and overhead it carries.  You may also be paired with personnel who aren’t as experienced as their senior counterparts.  Look for a company that gives you direct access to it most knowledgeable people, and without having to pay for extras you don’t need.  After all, this is your business, your product/service, and your potential for increased distribution and profit!

Can the GSA Consultant Explain the GSA Process?

Securing a GSA contract is not easy.  The process can be intimidating, time consuming and frustrating.  You want your GSA Consultant to communicate well with you to help you understand what, why and when things happen.  The right partner will be accessible and willing to break the GSA schedule process down so you can understand it and ultimately manage it.  The more you know about government contracting – and how to win those contracts – the better your chances are to streamlining the process and keeping things moving.  Your GSA consultant needs to be with you every step of the way, and willing to take the time to explain the critical paths you must take to be successful. A brief conversation with a potential GSA Consultant will give you insights into their understanding and approach.

Are Some Consultants Better for Specific GSA Schedules?

There are countless GSA schedules.  So does it make some sense to try and find a consultant who has dealt with your specific Schedules?  There are different schools of thought on this notion, but the reality is you need a consultant who successfully delivers.  In general, an experienced consultant should be able to tackle any of the GSA schedules and their respective nuisances, because the process of completing a compliant proposal package does not vary that much.  What you want is a consultant who can get it done, no matter what GSA Schedule!

Do They Understand the New Federal Acquisition Procurement Process?

When federal customers start to use the new Federal Acquisition process to make their buying decisions, will they find your products and services in the Hallways? Your GSA consultant should know how you can get your products included in this new process. The Federal Acquisition Hallways will be the future for federal buying.


Choosing the right GSA consultant may is challenging.  Ask the right questions and always look for a firm that backs its work and stands on its record.  Always check references, and get to know who specifically will be working for and with you.  If you are truly serious about winning government work, your choice of a GSA consultant is critically important!

We Can Help

At Gtracts we are very transparent about the costs of our GSA Schedule services.  Our pricing is in lower to middle range between the pricing extremes. You will find we spell out in detail the terms of the contract, what you will receive for your dollars invested.  We gladly furnish you will as many references as you want to learn from others how Gtracts has assisted them in their GSA Schedule process.

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