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Should I Sell to the Government?

You may be wondering “Is the Federal Government Market Right for Me?” Yes…Maybe...No...Depends! That’s the question that many businesses assume they know the answer and as a result, may “blindly” chase the government market to no avail. It is important to internally...

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Managing Your GSA Schedule Contract

Good News…You were awarded your GSA Schedule Contract! Now What? How do I make changes to my GSA contract? How do I comply with my GSA contract requirements? I have to report every quarter? What do I do if my price changes? How do I add products? We Can Help! At...

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Getting a GSA Schedule Contract

How do I get a GSA Schedule contract? What do I include in the proposal package? What discounts do I have to offer? My contract terms are different, will the government accept them? Do I have to offer my lowest price? What forms do I have to fill out and where do I...

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