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How do I get a GSA Schedule contract? What do I include in the proposal package? What discounts do I have to offer? My contract terms are different, will the government accept them? Do I have to offer my lowest price? What forms do I have to fill out and where do I get them?

What you need now is more information before you commit to this business direction. What’s involved in securing a GSA Schedule contract? Here are some thoughts about the GSA proposal process.

The GSA Schedule proposal takes at a minimum of 6-12 months to complete the specific proposal requirements for the schedule. As a business you will need to disclose your commercial policies, practices and the associated terms and conditions. You will need to explain who your commercial customers are, and the pricing and special discounts/terms/delivery times that they receive. Two years of Financials must be provided and Reseller and Distributors will need to obtain a Letter of Supply from the Manufacturer. At least one employee from the contractor will need to complete the mandatory training courses, “Pathway to Success” and the “Readiness Assessment”. Products must comply with the Free Trade Agreement Act (FTAA), and for businesses classified as a Large business, a Subcontracting Plan will be required. Finally past performance/references will be

It can take up to 100+ hours to complete the schedule proposal process. There is no guarantee a submitted proposal will be awarded. If it’s not done compliantly, your proposal may be rejected thus wasting 6-12 months of effort. If your competitors have a lower price, you will not be selected as a government vendor.

While the GSA Schedule process is long and requiring business resources, this can be used to your advantage. With the red tape and other road blocks to government contracting, many of your competitors give up. They don’t take the time to research what is needed for success. “I can’t compete in the government market, it’s too hard.” The GSA process reduces the number of competitors!

Bottom line, beyond your commitment of time and business resources, the better you understand the process and the ways to succeed in the government market place, the better your chances for success.

We Can Help!

At Gtracts we can take you through the numerous steps of getting a GSA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract. Whether you need help writing the initial proposal, participating in fact-finding, contract negotiations, modifying an existing contract, or providing on-going contract administration, we can lead the effort by providing:


  • Identify appropriate/applicable GSA Schedule solicitation and documentation
  • Complete all applicable registrations/verifications/forms
  • Gather all supporting details to justify product/service offering
  • Prepare and submit complete and compliant GSA proposal package


  • Respond to GSA clarification questions and prepare counter proposals/offers.
  • Lead contract negotiations to assure your position is deemed “fair and reasonable” for both the government and YOU!
  • Prepare and submit your “Final Proposal Revision” leading to your GSA CONTRACT AWARD and GSA CONTRACT NUMBER!

What to Do Next?

To get started, call us today 952-226-3337 or click here. One of our Project Managers will contact you to discuss your business situation and specific GSA Schedule needs. No pressure, no cost, no commitment. We will answer your questions, giving you the pertinent information you need, so you can determine if it makes sense to move forward, and if so, Gtracts can help!