The Federal Acquisition Process

The Federal Acquisition Process

The Federal Acquisition ProcessIf you have done any research on federal contracting for your business, you have probably seen headlines like, “Category Management is the future of government procurement”… “Acquisition Gateway to revolutionize federal procurement”…”Hallways and Common Acquisition Platforms will make for easier buying and better pricing”.

Making smart purchasing decisions has always been important for government buyers. As taxpayers, we should expect the same. As budgets tighten and products and services become more complex, the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is piloting a new buying approach designed to compile options and guidance for purchasing managers. This new approach will most certainly change the current Federal Acquisition Process.

The General Services Administration began this process with the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI). Getting to a Common Acquisition Platforms for Agencies will require using a system known in the private sector as Category Management.

“GSA believes category management is the future of government procurement”, FAS Commissioner Thomas Sharpe said during a panel at the 2014 Executive Leadership Conference. “It means looking at the dollars we spend each year and putting some structure into it, organizing the spending into product or service categories…and then managing each of these categories as a strategic business unit”

This new federal contracting initiative represents a change from the traditional federal contracting.  With the new changes, federal agencies will be able to see a variety of contracting vehicles from numerous federal vendors, all in one location. This will give federal contract officers one source to look for their purchasing process.

Conceptually the pilot Federal Acquisition Gateway process makes sense. The question becomes can a private sector buying model work in a public sector setting which by law, has rules and requirements allowing all businesses the opportunity to compete for federal government contracts? Will some businesses lose out because they lack “buying power”? What new contracting “tools” will be required by businesses who contract with the federal government? What is in store for small business owners currently selling to the government?

These questions are being debated as this new procurement approach unfolds. Give Gtracts a call to discuss how this will affect your business or improve your ability to compete and win government business!

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